is a multidisciplinary creative duo whose solutions have amused the masses and intrigued some among them for over a decade.

This multimedia effort combines film, photography, performance, and music to produce art that explores identity, function, and the sociology of youth and sub cultures.

Always looking for new applications, PVR herein provides (often) fashion-based concepts, available to order online.

A thematic collection is developed through 12 statement projects per year (monthly, starting 2015).

This creative outlet with-a-cause evokes dialogue and awareness of socio-politicial issues to an unassuming audience allowing for a kind of Fashion Philanthropy.

We often donate proceeds to relevant charities.

2011 established a body of work that touched on core interests and concerns ranging from the satirical and whimsical to the psychological and political.
Bound by dates and holidays, the 2011 films feature collaborators and references that seem random and bizarre; a consistent practice for PVR in their spin of the universal.

2012 films show a perspective on Filipino culture and identity (having been born and raised in the U.S., then exported to Manila) as both familiar and foreign.
Constantly, in pursuit of the universal.

2013 allowed us to extend production and development of films for the designs of 2012. Each month's project had been filmed in multiple locations including Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto, and London.

Why Tease is a film of 12 designs that encapsulates our archive's "best of" from the 90's to today and reveals our new focus on a staple of every wardrobe: the tee shirt.

2014 is brought up to date with a film called T-Square. It shows all 12 designs that are square when flat. Shaped by the spirit of the wearer, they take on new function and form. T-Square is a collection about transformation and potential.

2015-17 themes will toy with the career choices of generations past. The Professional Collection is our spin on workwear. It will culminate in a personally cathartic film about choices as an designer/artist.

2016 saw the release of 3 capsule collections: UNDER CONSTRUCTION, FRATERNITY, and a collaboration with a painter. Documentation to follow.

2017 F.A.M.I.L.Y. 2017 (Fashion Art Manifesto Is Life Year 2017)

Starting January 1st, we will post a special image daily on social media as part of a year-long project. A storytelling device in 365 parts, it will give insight to our creative process and artistic beliefs.  We will be redefining our basic wardrobe by releasing these staples throughout the year.

We will also be showing a capsule collection based on one of our worst fears. 

Stay tuned!


  • We hope these projects can be viewed on multiple levels and invite you to do so.
  • We are always looking for the next unlikely collaboration, allowing the process to take a new direction.
  • If you have an interest to contribute, let's!