We asked our community about today's most relevant hashtags, Taglish, and Millennial Twitter. The Top 30 user-submissions are presented as a collection of looks in this film, On Words. Each of these outfits are "spelled", using our ABAKADA designs. As seen in our film Alphabet Soup, the singular designs resemble a letter of the alphabet when laid flat. Living typography.

Viewed here, as an ensemble, these looks are labels
read literally and as layered, multi-faceted abstractions.

Filmed on location between NYC, Miami Beach and Wynwood, Florida.

Featuring: Alain Lucas
Exclusive Soundtrack by: Koneko
Contributing Stylist: Tony Parrish
Executive Producer: Filemon Rodriguez
Line Producer: Keith Summa
Photography: Saori Kurioka
Special Thanks: Franko Stevens, Mike Doyle, and all of our contributors.

Here is the last 10-track journey in a series of aural explorations.
Featuring Koneko, the artist of our exclusive soundtrack, plus lesser known hits from the likes of Light Asylum and Chicks on Speed to carry you ON WORDS.

All pieces are available by order only.

Please inquire for details.