This was filmed in the recent past for the near future of a long distance relationship between 2 people both wearing a top  from across the globe, a decade old, from our shore just one year ago, that hints at what is to come.

From two different cities they communicate through a fortune telling relic, an obsolete technology; bonded by the memory of a relationship they never had on land they've never touched.

To the texting, and once, social networking capital of the world. Philly Pines.

Featuring Sarah Hawkins filmed in Philly, PA and and Grischa in FiDi, NYC.

Special thanks to AO & MD.

Photography: Saori Kurioka
Sarah Hawkins filmed on location in Philadelphia.

TXT TOP is an archive design, c.1999
Reflecting an "Origami Fortune Teller", its silhouette is created from inserting squares patches into 'T' and ''X' shaped slashes.

Shown on Grischa filmed in the Financial District, NYC.

Re-released for 2012:

Striped top of lightweight wool jersey with side pockets: $380. Available by custom order, free domestic shipping.

Lined wool sweatshirt with zip-neck seam and pockets: $550
S, M, L (shown in Small)
Made in NYC of imported fabric.
Available by custom order, free domestic shipping.

19 tracks including Darkstar, Massive Attack, and Jamie XX have been curated by PVR to introduce the theme for 2012. Special thanks to Sick Cell for bringing a new dimension to the story.

Fashion philanthropy: We are still collecting mobile phones for recycling and donating to soldiers and those in need overseas.