When I grow up I want to be an astronaut.
With my bayong on my back, I am packed.
In this neo-primitive space age of ancient aliens, I am an astro - not.
Lunar tic toc, tic toc.
The fabric of spacetime is textured like those orbs.
Hand-stitched embroidery and applique, machine quilted and patch worked.
Time travel only takes reflection.
In neoprene and Scotchlite flare.
I manifest meditation.
Astral project-ion.
Creating this, my vision quest.

The Professional Collection for 2015 is about notions of adulthood from generations past compared to those of today.
This translates to fashion as conceptual workwear.

After a 13-year hiatus, we created as we had, on location in Manila, Philippines.
From the modern and literally clean representation of the Filipino home (in our last film, Deep Conditioning), we go to this historical ruin, Kasa Boix.
It is soon to be restored as a community center/creative space, returning our heritage today.

A Paradox Vested Relics Production featuring:

Manila Team:
John Olarte
Mikey Huang
Melvin Mojica
Cenon Norial III
Debrah Eastwood

New York Team:
A.Re.Ci Studio
Nick Wu Design
Ryan Compton

Adidas SLVR
Alexandre Plokhov
AREAWARE /Jonas Damon
Alessi Watches / Achille Castiglioni
Hyden Yoo
Viktor & Rolf

"Vesica Piscis"
Joey Koneko

Location courtesy:
Kapitbahayan Sa Kalye Bautista
For Kasa Boix
Manila, Philippines

PVR Headquarters, NYC

Special Thanks:
Carlos Celdran
Patrick & Miko Tetangco
Paolo Abella
Stephen & Peter

PVR designs available again in the holidays. Stay tuned for details or feel free to inquire.

AstroNot Hoodie:

In a combination of black poly/cotton terry cloth, heather grey sweatshirt fleece, and silver Scotchlite on neoprene.
Size XS, S, M, L, XL. (shown in Large: chest 45", length 28")
Made in NYC with free shipping in the U.S., $400

Hand-embellished piece (as seen in the film) is available, OneOfOne. $1250

Bayong Backpack coming this Fall.

10% of sales will be donated to Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista.