Flood footage from PVR Headquarters in 'Evacuation Zone A' when "Frankenstorm" Sandy hit NYC is combined with US based artists Jason Corff and Joshua Seidner interpreting 2 Filipino folk dances' relation to the waters.

Pandanggo Sa Ilaw is a dance that has one maneuvering candles or oil lamps which are skillfully balanced on the head and palms as clapping, snapping, and stomping the beat goes faster and faster. Folk stories tell of these beacons of light guiding fishermen back to the shore after dark.

The Tinikling dance mimics the grace and agility of birds as they dodge rice farmers' traps, trees, and predators in the water.
Navigating the bamboo poles which strike open and closed against the ground (providing the percussive beat) requires accuracy and incorporates local martial arts.

Film Premiered at the Boston Center for the Arts February 12, 2013.

A haunting and subtly appropriate soundtrack:
Triduum (Three Days of Darkness) by Skint Eastwood available at Phantamsa Disques.
This track is also included among the 19 presented by 8tracks to weather the storm.

The featured designs fuse two icons: the American denim jacket or shirt/tie combo of Western culture with the Filipino Barong Tagalog from the Southeast.
Images underway.

Barong Jacket:
Upcycled flour sacks, Japanese selvedge denim, and Piña (native fabric woven from pineapple leaf fibers).
Imported materials, constructed in NYC.
S, M, L, shown in S.

Available by order.

Barong Tie:
Upcycled piece made from embroidered Barong Tagalogs.
One size.
From a selection, each piece unique.

All made in NYC.

Free shipping in the U.S.