Film features the first artist to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity in the United States, Mike Diana, as a clairvoyant.

Dreams, creativity, spark, lightning, life, creation, electricity, visions.

An artist releases into the atmosphere.

Censorship may put it 'up in smoke' but the scent will linger.

An aromatic candle we've created from recycled church wax and leather bound glass. Some say it smells like de ja vu some call it PSY-CHIC.

PVR Uni-scent No.1: Sepia/Study.
A unisex body fragrance originally packaged as conjoined twins,
this 2-part scent was designed for individual use.
The masculine and feminine notes are combined for the home.
Orange blossom, lavender, tobacco flower, leather, hay, and old books.
8" x 2" dia.
Limited edition perfume and candles, SOLD OUT.