The Professional Collection for 2015 is all about notions of adulthood from generations past and how they relate to those of today.

After a 13-year hiatus, personal circumstances arose allowing us to create as we had, on location in Manila, Philippines.

Our second art piece continues the theme and features a design that is part Coco, part Hannibal, and all Stepford.

Deep Conditioning, stems from the role of housewife, with all the delirium and desperation, tinker and toil, and the small wonders these dirty jobs bring.

High efficiency, high maintenance, high fashion, mad skills, muse.

She is not an appliance however caring, carrying, caregiver, carrie.

Nobody's trophy nor bitch. Bewitched. Bothered and bewildered.

Stay-at-home mom, full-time, part-time, making a career out of it.

Who's the Boss?

Dedicated to all the lolas.

A PVR Production Featuring: 

Ria Bolivar


Camera Operators:

John Olarte

Mikey Huang



Cenon Norial III



Melvin Mojica



Armor All


CJ Cruz

Costume National


Eco-me Dish Soap

Grabgreen Laundry Detergent

Hussein Chalayan


Opening Ceremony

Paradox Vested Relics

Peter Pilotto






Line Producer: 

Debrah Eastwood


Location courtesy:

Manila, Philippines


Special Thanks:

Mich Dulce

Kat Lee

Lola Top in a Lycra blend with neoprene fused tweed paneling.

4 front pockets with straps for a tongue-in-cheek  arm-to--waist belt binding.

Available OneOfOne (as shown). Please inquire.

Also available custom made in NYC with free shipping in the U.S., $450